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Rhonda A. Miller is an experienced Fairfax estate administration lawyer how can provide you with the compassionate and skilled legal assistance you deserve. If you have questions regarding the administration of an estate, contact Rhonda today for a consultation. 

What is Probate?

One of the goals of estate planning is probate avoidance.  Probate is the court-supervised proceeding by which a deceased person’s assets are assembled, debts are paid off, and beneficiaries receive the remaining assets.  Probate is time-consuming and expensive, and we do our best to avoid it when creating an estate plan.  But there are times when our clients are faced with probate, perhaps from the estate of a parent or other loved one. 

As an experienced Fairfax estate administration lawyer, Rhonda A. Miller is experienced with handling probate and can help navigate the process including:

  • Complete an inventory of assets
  • Publish proper statutory notice to creditors
  • Ensure legitimate creditors are paid
  • Make appropriate distributions to beneficiaries

What is Trust Administration?

Trust administration involves making sure the directives in a trust are carried out according to the deceased person’s wishes.  Although not a technically difficult job, it can be painful for those left behind.  Entrusting us with the logistics makes a difficult time just a little easier.  And if your wishes were ever to be disputed or challenged, Rhonda will defend your interests in court.

The Trust Administration and Probate services we offer include:

  • Ongoing support and representation services for Executors, Administrators and Successor Trustees of family trusts
  • Assistance to families in transferring the assets into the names of the beneficiaries
  • Conservatorships and guardianships, to allow individuals to act on behalf of those who are unable or legally prohibited from handling their own personal and financial affairs
  • Representation in Probate Court

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Rhonda has more than 20 years of experience in estate administration in Fairfax and throughout Virginia, and she can help you navigate the often-complex laws surrounding trust administration and probate.  Call 703-442-3890 or contact her online now to schedule a free consultation and learn how she can help you make sure you or your loved one’s wishes are carried out.