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Supreme Court Ruling in Clark v. Rameker 

Sat Apr 7th, on Asset Protection |

Many individuals leave their retirement plans to a spouse or to their children.  

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Special Handling of Retirement Assets in an Estate Plan

Thu Apr 5th, on Asset Protection, Estate Planning |

Many of our clients’ asset portfolios include sizable IRA or other retirement accounts.

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Social Security Statements and Online Accounts 

Tue Apr 3rd, on Estate Planning |

The Social Security Statement is a valuable financial planning tool providing a worker with important individualized information regarding his or her earnings, tax contributions, and estimates for...

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Social Security Issues New Instructions for Special Needs Trusts 

Sun Apr 1st, on Special Needs Trusts |

Under this new policy, SSA established a new "Regional Trust Reviewer Team" which must review all Special Needs Trusts.

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Seven Signs Your Elderly Parent is Neglecting Himself

Thu Mar 29th, on Special Needs Trusts |

We know that it gets harder for people to care for themselves the older they get. Yet signs that our elders are failing to take proper care of their own needs are often missed.

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Scam Alert - Deed Processing Notice

Tue Mar 27th, on Estate Planning |

We recently learned of a scam that is affecting seniors in Virginia who, as part of their elder law or estate planning, have moved their real estate into a trust.

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Probate 101

Sun Mar 25th, on Probate |

Many clients come to us for assistance with the probate of a loved one’s estate. 

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Passing on Your Legacy

Fri Mar 23rd, on Wills & Trusts |

After the death of someone rich and famous, the news tends to be filled with stories disclosing the details of the deceased’s will -- who got what, who got left out, how much there was.

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No Improvement Standard for Medicare Coverage

Wed Mar 21st, on Special Needs Trusts |

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing about a client’s difficulty in getting Medicare to continue to provide services to a family member because the ill individual is no longer improving and has...

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National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Sat Mar 17th, on Estate Planning |

Being in the business we are in, we at MMCG Law think about estate planning all the time!  But we know that for most people, estate planning is not always at the forefront of their minds.

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